How To Wear Anklets For Every Dress?

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Indian women have been wearing silver anklets on their ankles for a very long time. It’s been a traditional ornament for women of India and a symbol of their marital status. They prefer to wear Silver Jewellery on their feet to gold because gold is metal of gold and it is disrespectful to wear it on their feet. There is one more age-old belief that wearing anklets will prevent your body energy from going out.

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What Is An Anklet?

An anklet is a piece of jewellery that is worn on the ankles. Also known as ankle chain, ankle bracelet, or ankle string. Most anklets are made in Silver Jewellery Or Gold Jewellery.

Types Of Anklets

There are different types of anklets available in the market if you look for Imitation Jewellery and Customized Jewellery. Let's have a look.

1. Beads Anklet

As the name suggests, this type of anklet is made of beads. These beaded anklets can have the same colour beads or multi-colour beads. They are designed with 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery, Silver beads. You can have them customized with silver beads and black beads. It looks classic. This classic piece of jewellery can be worn with suits, sarees, jeans, on the beach or with shorts. You can wear them as a pair or as a single anklet also.

2. Chain Anklet

For casual occasions, you can wear them single-layered and for a more sophisticated occasion, you can pair them with multi-layered chains. They look elegant and classy. You can get embellished charms or beads, attached to the chain anklet.

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3. Studded Anklet

Studded anklets are now the trend. Studded anklets are usually studded with coloured stone and crystals. You can find them at the Meenakari Jewellery store or Artificial Jewellery store. Because they are embellished with studs, you wear them with modern or traditional dresses.

4. Sterling Silver And Gold Anklet

Sterling silver and gold are also used to make anklets in India and outside India. They are simple and elegant. They go well with modern, casual or traditional outfits. They can be studded with colourful stones and bright crystals. You can style them with dangling silver beads on the chain anklet.

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5. Beach And Woven Anklets

If you have a taste for bohemian accessories, you can choose woven anklets. If you are on a beach vacation, you can consider wearing an anklet made of sea shells, beads, leather or any material which will not get ruined in water. You can wear them at pool parties. You can wear them with miniskirts, bikinis or any floral dress.

An anklet is a versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn with modern and traditional dresses on any occasion.

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