Fail Purification Product Supplier

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fume purification product supplier

Large noise-formation cause: severe bearing wear, bend bending, deformation or shift of the leaf shaft, loose fastener, motor wear (carbon brush, rotor, bearing, etc.), fan blades loose or damaged.

The cause of the motor is overheating-the cause of formation: the continuous working time is too long, the brush and the rectification of the whole flow produce the spark, the dust filter is too much ash, and the dust collection room is full.

Decreased inhalation-Formation Reason: Electrical motor failure, brush wear, dust filter moisture, dust collecting room full dust, hose and vacuum port or exhaust port block, pipeline leakage, poor interface sealing, etc.

Connect (tube) connection melt-formation cause: power cord, plug, short circuit, motor line short circuit, and short circuit inside the vacuum cleaner.

Case with electricity-formation cause: aging power cord, so the internal lines of the ground leakage, the internal line of the dust collector are in contact with the case.

The working principle of Fume Purification Product Supplier

The air inside the machine is pulled out through a fan or air pump, so that the pressure difference in the inside and outside of the machine, which is the so -called negative pressure, the higher the negative pressure, the stronger the suction power. Fume Purification Product Supplier is actually a very simple mechanical and equipment. It is mainly used by a vortex air pump or fan. After entering the mouth and the vacuum pipe into the machine, the debris enters a filter bag first. Generally, it is not woven. Filter, with a small dust air and then through a special filter, through secondary filtering, and then discharged through the air ventilated air outlet, basically the filtration efficiency can reach more than 99%.

fume purification product supplier