LAMP END CAP MOULD choice precautions

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lamp end cap mould

Different electrical appliances use different types of LAMP END CAP MOULD. Therefore, we should choose them carefully. What are the precautions for LAMP END CAP MOULD? Xiaobian takes you to find out.

Look at the appearance: When buying the LAMP END CAP MOULD, first depends on whether the surface is smooth, whether there are burrs, and whether the color is not uniform. A good LAMP End Cap Mould Product Department is fully packaged, and there are clear manufacturer addresses and telephone, qualification descriptions, precautions and service commitments. These will be marked on the product itself, packaging or instructions through logo. At the same time, a good LAMP End Cap More will have compulsory certification signs such as 3C, ISO9001, ISO14001. PS: You can see if there is any non -slip pad for LAMP END CAP MOULD, and whether there is an abnormal noise when you shake the LAMP END CAP MOULD.

See the number of jacks: "Universal LAMP End Cap Mould" combines both poles and three -level jacks, so there are only three jacks in total. The new national standard requires the production of the poles and three -pole jacks of production, so there are 5 jacks. And in order to avoid exceeding the rated current, the LAMP END CAP MOULD, which conforms to the new national standard, designed the two -hole and three -hole very close, so that the three -hole and two -hole plugs are safer to use.

Safety: High -quality LAMP End Cap Mould generally be underwritten by the corresponding insurance company. Since LAMP END CAP MOLD is an accidental product, insurance companies will inherit a certain quality assurance product. Therefore, when buying LAMP END CAP MOULD, it may be considered as a consideration.

lamp end cap mould