A person who is a part of the Elden Ring finds a shock in the well of the Siofra River

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One of the Elden Ring players makes an unanticipated discovery in the location known as Siofra River Well

One of the Elden Ring players makes an unanticipated discovery in the location known as Siofra River Well. The open world of Elden Ring is vast and features a variety of environments, such as the dangerous terrain of Caelid, the treacherously beautiful lands of Liurnia of The Lakes, and the icy Mountaintops of The Giants. In addition, the open world of Elden Rings is designed to provide players with benefits for venturing into areas that are unknown to them, with the goal of motivating players to do so. Limgrave is where players of Elden Ring begin their adventure. This is a region that is distinguished by its many valleys, shallow rivers, and the dense forests of Mistwood. If Elden Ring players travel far enough into Mistwood, they will eventually come across a building known as the Siofra River Well, which is situated in the heart of the forest. This structure acts as the gateway to a brand-new subterranean region called the Siofra River, which can only be accessed underground. Even though travel to Siofra River is not required to complete the main campaign, it is necessary to do so in order to complete the optional quests offered by important Elden Ring NPCs like Ranni the Witch and Blaidd.


The players will need to use the lift that is situated within the well in order to proceed with their journey and reach the underground region. The lift protects players from the bad guys in the game in the vast majority of instances; however, an Elden Ring supporter would argue that this is not always the case. When a Reddit user by the name of crispixel was utilizing the lift in the Siofra River Well of the Elden Ring, they were met with an unpleasant surprise. They took a video of themselves playing their character while they were riding in the elevator, and then they uploaded it to the Elden Ring subreddit. The protagonist in the video clip observes an unexpected development as it takes place. An effect that is comparable to a frightening jump scare in a horror movie is produced when, after a few seconds of falling, a bear suddenly lands on top of the Elden Ring player. The bear was unfortunate enough to sustain fatal injuries as a result of the fall; however, just before it passed away, it let out a horrifying scream, which made the environment even more unsettling.


Crispixel emerged from this ordeal unharmed by the grace of God; however, as the title of the video indicates, he was clearly shaken up by what he went through, as shown in the video


  1. In addition, participants of the Elden Ring community on Reddit offered their condolences to the original poster, while others pondered the implications of the bear's continued existence

  2. As a humorous response to the events shown in the aforementioned video, a number of users have made comments on the Elden Ring forums jokingly suggesting that Elden Ring players should sue FromSoftware

  3. The video provided by Crispixels demonstrates that in order for Elden Ring players to successfully complete their quests in The Lands Between, they must maintain a state of constant vigilance at all times

  4. It's possible that the bear seen in the video followed the player from its natural habitat in the nearby Mistwood and ended up falling through the lift's opening, which caused the exciting scene

  5. You can see it in the video

  6. In addition to the Mistwood in Limgrave, the region of Elden Ring contains a number of other environments that are also home to bears

  7. The Weeping Peninsula, the Moonlight Altar, the Altus Plateau, and the Capital Outskirts are all included in these regions

Even though they aren't as dangerous as runebears, these bears still present a significant threat to low-level players who are getting dangerously low on health. Runebears are significantly more dangerous. Elden Ring is now available for purchase on the Personal Computer (PC), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles.